Mike is the founder and CEO of Engage Now International; a leadership training company that is booked by colleges, universities, corporations and associations, just like yours all over the country. Mike is one of the most sought after speakers in the country with his blend of deep content and humor. Mike’s knowledge of what it takes to increase engagement for colleges and corporations along with his ability to make people laugh until it hurts is unmatched. He is literally one of a kind. Mike signature program I’m Engaged is not only booked all of the country but maintains a 92% rebooking rate. When coordinators, students and managers have this program to their campus they want it back. Mike has delivered over 1500 paid presentations and is the author of 4 best sellers including his newest book I’m Engaged: The Ultimate Guide to Recruit, Retain and Reproduce Engaged Leaders. He is also the author to the campus favorite, How to Triple The Size of Your Next Campus Event. As well Mike is the author of the upcoming book Rules of Employee Engagement: The Company Guide to Hire, Train and Reproduce Engaged Employees That Impact The Bottom Line.  Mike has shared the stage with NFL QB and Superbowl Champion Joe Theismann (Featured on the Hit Blockbuster Movie “The Blindside”), Glen Morshower (Played Aaron Pierce on the Hit TV Show 24 and starred in the move Transformers), LA Clippers former Asst. Coach and now VP of Basketball Kevin Eastman and many more. When you book one of Mike’s programs your people will engage in an experience that will leave them will tools to be part of a culture change in your organization.

With leadership and engagement being harder to find, Mike is on a mission to get his #IMENGAGED program to as many campuses and companies as possible and leave a trail of equipped leaders and increased engagement numbers across the country. What you, as student advisors and managers, do on is vital to the health of a your organization and to the lives of people. Mike wants to partner with you and make an even greater impact on the amazing people you are working with each day!


Jessica has been a leader in the customer service industry for years. She started out her career creating happy customers in the newspaper industry. She quickly rose to a level of leadership and began leading company initiatives. Following this, she spent nearly 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry leading national sales teams from their headquarters in New Jersey.

She has recently joined the Engage Now team with a passion for leadership and making a difference. She fully adopts EN’s philosophy that people are the most important part of any organization.

She currently resides in Orlando, Florida with her husband Keith and their brand new baby Levi.