Students are struggling more with who they are today than ever before. Each one of them have the ability to be a great leader and positive force on your campus if given the correct support, guidance and encouragement. This program is going to do just that. This is the assembly that every superintendent, principle, guidance counselor and teachers want their students to hear. This program leaves students with practical strategies to get involved with after school clubs and stay engaged throughout their educational journey.

Students that engaged in on campus activities are proven to get better grades, also participate more in class and subsequently are better leaders. This program will leave your students laughing, inspired and wanting to get and stay involved.


The #1 thing that can enhance your school culture is to develop your students in critical thinking leaders. We are in desperate need of student leaders that walk your halls each and every day. This program highlights the fact that every student has leadership potential and ability and when given the right tools, training and guidance that potential can be realized and released into the culture in your school. Imagine students that were mindful of others, thought about adding value to their teachers and were respectful of teachers, staff and administrators. That is exactly what this program is design to do. If you are ready for your students to become the kind of leaders they were built to be, then this is the program you need on your campus.