What does it take to create people that love coming to work, are dedicated to the company’s mission and get results? This is a nearly 11 Billion dollar question - this is the amount of money that is lost due to disengaged employees. In the program Rules of Employee Engagement Mike will walk you through a process for creating a culture that fosters engaged, motived and results-driven employees. Often when companies seek to improve employee engagement they focus on things that may create engagement for a short time, but doesn’t create a long-term affect that keeps the bottom line moving north east. If you want to create a culture of success that is infectious you have to focus on 3 things:

Recruitment - You have to locate and hire the right people for the job. Mike will walk you through his 3 step recruitment system that will help you week out those that will be problematic later, and locate those that you should put on the team right away.

Retention - One of the easiest ways to increase employee engagement is to retain the top notch leaders that are already on your team. You have invested your company’s resources (time, money and energy) to train and equip them you don’t want those dollars to walk out the door.

Reproduction - One of the number one jobs of your leaders is to reproduce themselves in the minds of your employees. You want your team members to have the same tenacity and ownership that you do. This is a major missing peace in many organizations.

(This is a keynote and up to an 8 hour training depending on the company’s needs)


Employees come to work everyday with one thing on their mind - themselves. This may sound like a bad thing, believe when utilized correctly this can revolutionize your company or organization. Imagine if every employee came to work in a way to do their very best, get the maximum results possible so they were the next one chose for the promotion. This is Mike’s signature training for the employees of your entire company, no matter the level of leadership. Mike walks them through what CEO’s, COO’s, CMO’s and other corporate leaders are looking for when they are going to promote someone. In this program Mike mobilizes your team to come and give it everything the have, while focusing on the most important thing - company results and success. Mike has worked with employees all over the country helping shape them into the companies next best choice for a promotion. As a company leader, believe me, this is a program you want your employees to hear.