leadership = engagement... engagement = results!

"One of the Best Student Engagement Programs in the Country."
-Natalie Maheen, Student Coordinator for Delta Sigma Pi, San Diego State Univer​​​​sity


Engage Now Int’l is one of the most cutting edge student engagement programs in the country.  We train Colleges, Universities and School Districts all over the country how to engage students and get results. If you are going to lead students you first must get “buy in” or what most people call “engagement”; and the game-changing dynamics of engaging students is the results that follow.  Whether you are seeking to engage students on your campus or in your classroom…this is the program that makes that happen.



Orientation is one of the first formal experiences that incoming students have on your campus.  It is EXTREMELY important that this experience is a one-of-a-kind event and will leave them wanting more.


Your students are hungry for training that will help them recruit and retain leaders for their organizations; that will help them gain momentum, grow and further their mission on campus.  


One of the most important groups of people on your campus is the advisors who are constantly working with students helping them succeed while in college.  Knowing how to draw a level of commitment out of their student leaders is paramount to them being able to maximize their efforts on campus.

Educators and School Districts


The backbone of creating students engaged in their education is recruiting, retaining and reproducing top notch educators. A teacher's ability to engage their students throughout their educational journey could be the difference between a mediocre and stellar future.  These programs will create top-notch teachers.


The greatest impact in a child's life is usually from their parents or primary care givers. Giving parents the tools to engage their children while growing up creates a community that is interested in one thing - the success of their child. Parents are desperately looking for tools and strategies to greater connect and impact their kids.


Students are struggling more with who they are today than ever before. The #1 thing that can enhance your school culture is to develop your students into critical-thinking leaders. Our programs are designed to help students develop the leadership skills they need to make a massive difference in your school district. 

 Phoenix Worthy

 Student Activities Coordinator, Southwest Tennessee Community College, Memphis TN 


Mike was amazing!!! Mike is one of the best leadership speaker we’ve had. Our students were engaged the entire time!!!!


Mike is the funniest guy you will ever meet and a wonderful speaker on leadership. He knows how to make learning about leadership fun. Book Mike to speak if you are ready for your students to become great leaders.

Paul Prestwich

President of North West College, WY National Author and Speaker

Natalie Maheen

Student Coordinator of Delta Sigma Pi, San Diego State University


I booked Mike for our leadership conference and he was amazing! He was easy to work with, worked within our budget and did an amazing job. All of our students loved it! He had us laughing at one point and then totally engaged as he explained what it meant to be a great leader!  He has one of the best student engagement programs in the country. I can’t wait to have him back!


“Mike was extremely easy to work with and did an amazing job connecting with our students. We are bringing him back another time this year.”

Maenecia Lewis Cole

Student Activities Coordinator, College of the Albemarle, NC

Rosalinda Martinez

Student Activities Coordinator, Wabonsee Community College, IL


Mike did a great job. He had the students laughing and then learning. He also stayed after and engaged with our students.


We’ve booked Mike twice for our leadership conference and he brings amazing energy and content every time. We can’t wait to get him back.

Dr. Ellis

Student Affairs, Galveston College, Galveston, TX